About Washington Mathematics Science Technology PCHS

Washington Mathematics Science Technology Public Charter High School (WMST PCHS) is one of Washington, DC’s top charter schools that successfully produces skilled graduates with successful careers in various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. Located on the city’s Northeast side, WMST PCHS stands as the “Gateway to the City”

WMST’s success rests largely on the effectiveness of the school’s learning environment. Since its inception in 1998 by Founder Dr. Mary Johnson, WMST PCHS has created a socially diverse community grounded on a strong belief in high quality public education. Its long-standing reputation for academic excellence has serve as a main attraction for parents and children seeking quality educational opportunities.

The school’s mission is to provide a rigorous curriculum that infuses STEM concepts throughout instruction. STEM education is at the heart of today’s highly-skilled global economy. Thus this principle has resulted in talented, self-motivated students who are ready to move forward and make their mark in the 21st century. WMST PCHS is fulfilling an international need by preparing and populating the future scientific workforce. Our students develop critical reasoning and problem solving skills that allow them to remain competitive, as they become our next generation of leaders.