Mission/Vision Statement

WMST Vision

WMST’s vision is to join the ranks of the nation’s accomplished math, science, and technology oriented college preparatory institutions. As is characteristic of schools of this caliber, WMST expects to graduate significant numbers of students who will win scholarships and otherwise gain eligibility to enter and obtain degrees from top rated colleges and universities across the country. They are then expected to go on to gain preeminence in the fields and   industries of math, science, and technology while always striving to be visionary catalysts in private sector, federal, state, and local municipalities

WMST Mission Statement

To provide a rigorous education that integrates mathematics and science instruction with technology resulting in highly self-motivated students.

We believe that: 

  1. Every child can learn;
  2. Every child should be afforded comprehensive educational opportunities to help him or her develop skills necessary to become a productive citizen;
  3. Parents, teachers, students, administrators and staff will be accountable to each other;
  4. All stakeholders will respect the rights, abilities, duties and responsibilities of others and of the chartering authority;
  5. All students adhere to a strict code of honor;
  6. Educators, and parents must nurture a desire in each student to achieve his or her personal best;
  7. Every individual has the right to a safe, secure and positive educational environment;
  8. High expectations for all are essential to a quality education;
  9. School personnel will serve as role models for students;
  10. Every individual has dignity and worth, and can be productive.