Counseling Suite Policies

2017-2018 Counseling Suite Policies

Room B-118


The Counseling Suite is OPEN during the following time periods:

Before School          (8:15 am – 8:45 am)


After School             (2:30/3:30 – 5:00 pm)                


The Counseling Suite is CLOSED during Instruction Time:


Students may be admitted with a pass from teachers for personal crises or to meet with college visitors.

Passes to the suite should NOT be used for:

  • Stopping by to say “Hello”
  • Checking mail
  • Retrieving PowerSchool passwords
  • Picking up Community Service Hours forms or Work Permits
  • Picking up or returning Permission Slips
  • Classroom management/Disciplinary holding cell/Sick students




Hall Duty:                  Counselors will participate in Hall Duty.

Uniforms:                  Counselors support the WMST Uniform Policy. 
                                  Students with sagging pants will be asked to leave the suite.

Cell Phones:              Cell phone usage is allowed for the purpose of contacting colleges, etc.
                                  Seniors may charge cells in the Conference Room
at their own risk.

Food:                         Students may NOT use the microwave or eat in the suite UNLESS they
                                  are with an adult who has brought snacks/treats for them.

Senior Mail/boxes:    Seniors are encouraged to use WMST as their mailing address, and have been
                                  provided with mailboxes for college admissions and financial aid/scholarship-related
                                  mail only. In order to help Seniors to fulfill graduation requirements,
mail will be
                                  logged and opened; Admissions Decision Letters and Financial Aid Award Letters will
                                  be copied before they are placed in the students’ boxes