3-D  Animation I (Formerly Digital Animation I)                Course # A472

Co-requisite: 3-D Animation II                                                 0.5 Credit

This course focuses on the uses of Adobe After Effects for animation 2D visual art, Adobe Illustrator for creating 2 dimensional art, Autodesk Maya for creating 3D art and animation, and story/ screenplay writing for creating animation scripts. 


Books/ Materials: USB Drive


3-D  Animation II (Formerly Digital Animation II)              Course # A473

Co-requisite:3- D Animation I                                                   0.5 Credit

This course will focus on using Autodesk Maya for character design and architectural design.  Key points will be texturing, rigging, animation, and using hyper-shade. 


Books/ Materials: USB Drive


Art                                                                                                      Course # A090

Co-requisite: Music                                                                      0.5 Credit


Art is designed as an entry-level course for the high school student.  The curriculum provides a broad base of art experiences including design, drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpting, lettering, and crafting.  Each art unit includes both a sequentially-structured, hands-on experience and a theoretical section that relates the cultural, historical, aesthetic significance of the art form. The emphasis in each unit is on the development of fundamental concepts and skills. The course concludes with an introduction to careers in art.


Books/ MaterialsReference Book, Creating and Understanding Drawings


Graphic Design (Formerly Digital Art)                                               Course # V150

                                                                                                            0.5 Credit

Students will develop the ability and confidence to determine appropriate and successful designs. Demonstrate effective use of color, photo editing, typography, and production skills to make effective design layouts, which meet industry standards.

After completion of this class students may enter the workforce as an entry-level graphic designer or work in advertising and may continue their training and education for a degree in communications or fine arts.

Books/ Materials: Adobe Photoshop CS3