Foreign Language/Spanish

The following classes form the core foreign language curriculum:


Spanish I                                                                                          Course # L610

Prerequisite: None                                                                             1.0 Credit

This course focuses on communication and the sounds of the language which are learned through dialogues, learning scenarios, practice exercises, and real-life situations.  The students learn to understand, speak, read, and write a limited amount of material. Students will also learn to apply grammatical principles of the language to form new ideas and to communicate them.  Cultural information about the countries is taught as part of the content.

 Books/ MaterialsVen Conmigo


Spanish II                                                                                         Course # L620

Prerequisite: Spanish I                                                                       1.0 Credit

This is a second-year study of the Spanish language. The students will learn the following grammar concepts: gender and formation of nouns, definite and indefinite articles, pronouns, adjectives, interrogative words, comparatives, superlatives, adverbs, prepositions, as well as present, past and future of regular and irregular verbs.  The students will learn different ways of socializing, exchanging information, and expressing opinions and feelings.  They will practice and continue to improve the following language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

 Books/ Materials: Ven Conmigo


Spanish III                                                                                       Course # L630

Prerequisite: Spanish I and II                                                           1.0 Credit

 The study of a modern language entails acquiring a language system and applying it in four active and interrelated ways: through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

 The  Spanish III ( Pre IB 2nd year) course is a language learning course for beginners, design to be followed over two years by students who have no previous experience of learning the target language. The main focus of the courses is the acquisition of a language required for purposes and situations used in every day social interactions. For example the Pre IB student should be able to give clear directions to someone looking for the beach and understand the information in a tourist brochure.

 This course aims to develop a variety of linguistic skills and a basic awareness of the culture using the language through the study of a core syllabus and language- specific syllabuses


Second Year Pre IB Course Content (example)

 Grammar and Usage

Students will study verbs, imperfect tenses, uses of imperfect commands, appropriate usage of negative commands, transitional words, preterits, reflexive and non -reflexive nouns, cognates, proverbs, use of articles, etc.


Students will listen to authentic language situations with a variety or accents for the purpose of exposing students to the diversity and richness of the Hispanic/Latino culture.


The teacher will encourage students to participate in a variety of daily activities that stimulates asking and answering questions using complete sentences.  These activities include oral reports, short descriptions, etc


Students will use authentic text regalia in class (magazines, newspapers), and the teacher will encourage students to use some reading strategies to help them read and develop good critical thinking skills which includes these example: Scan, predict, anticipate, connect, identify new words, cognates, distinguish facts and opinions, paraphrase, summarize, and make inference, etc.


Pre IB students should be able to write paragraphs of 125-150 words about a topic covered in class. Some of the aspects that are emphasized in the writing component are organization of the ideas, use of complete sentences, the use of simple, connecting words and the correct use of register (formal, informal). Students will begin to write using different writing styles; for example, they will write postcards, a letter to a friend, a short narration, a review of a movie, a short poem, etc.

Cultural knowledge

Students will discuss contemporary cultural issues related to the theme selected. They are encouraged to explore and gain substantial and distinctive knowledge of the changing aspects of daily life, as well as social, political, and economic issues in Spanish speaking countries