Health and PE

The following classes are included in the Health & PE curriculum:

AFJROCT/PE                                                                                            Course # R010

                                                                                                                      1.0 Credit

Wellness is an official and integral part of the Air Force Junior ROTC program. This course consists of two exercise programs focused upon individual base line improvements with the goal of achieving a national standard calculated by age and gender. The Wellness curriculum is instrumental in developing citizens of character dedicated to serving our nation and communities. This course will provide students the opportunity to put into practice the wellness concepts that are taught in Leadership Education 100. The Wellness Program provides a list of 19 exercises with examples that may be utilizes in a 36 week program modifiable to meet individual students and district/state goals. Other activities such as team sports are included to keep the Wellness Program fun and motivating.

Alternative to Violence                                                              Course # P166

                                                                                                            0.5 Credit

This course provides students with the skills and methods to defuse conflicts.  Role-playing is an essential tool used in this class to model real situations.

Books/ MaterialsN/A ( Various topics of study include, but are not limited to, topics of local and national interest as they pertain to issues related to maintaining good health and health awareness. 

Diet and Nutrition I/II                                                                Course #P162

                                                                                                            0.5 Credit each

This semester course will teach students the basic component of good nutrition, including interpretation of food labels, the food guide pyramid, and eating habits as well as safety, sanitation, and sensory qualities of food. Laboratory exercises will provide students with the opportunity to prepare basic recipes from each of the five food groups. Students will develop essential skills that will influence healthy lifestyle changes and choices. 

Health Careers                                                                               Course # P165

                                                                                                            0.5 Credit

The key areas of career focus for this class are: safety and first aid; nutrition and fitness including dietary factors for high blood pressure and heart disease; family life, growth and sexuality; disease prevention and control including sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and cancer; drug and alcohol abuse prevention with an emphasis on coping with peer pressure.

Books/ MaterialsN/A (One- on- one discussion & group reports about health care careers as researched by the students and teacher)

Health & PE (Formerly Health Issues)                                    Course # P160

Prerequisite: None                                                                                   0.5 Credit

This course is designed to explore literature with students that will help familiarize them with practical information about the human body and mind to assist them in making wise decisions to protect themselves and their families.  Students will read, discuss, and write articles, essays, and reports on content studied in order to demonstrate their understanding of the information shared and explored.

Books/ MaterialsGlencoe Health