The WMST STEM Fair will be held on Thursday, February 22, 2018.  It is the premier event of WMST’s STEM Week held annually, every February.  During STEM Week there are varied activities, showcases, trips, and events that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  The STEM Fair is a showcase in which our scholars get to demonstrate their work to understand individually initiated inquiries into these fields.   During the STEM Fair, students compete within categories by presenting their STEM fair projects to guest STEM professionals within the community.  These professional consultants judge each project for originality, the application of scientific or engineering processes, the understanding of those processes, and presentation.  Prizes representing varying levels of merit are awarded to projects as deemed appropriate by the judges.  Students are chosen to participate in the STEM Fair by their STEM teachers or advisors.  All students who have satisfactorily met project requirements regarding their projects will be entered.  Being chosen to participate is a “Big Deal”.  To be chosen means that your teacher not only thinks that you did an outstanding job on your project, but also that you will be able to conduct yourself in a scholarly and professional manner.  A select group of students that demonstrate exceptional mastery of innovative, level-appropriate projects will in turn, be chosen to compete in the DC STEM Fair.  Entry into this event opens the potential for special awards such as cash prizes, trips, banquets, and scholarships.  Please join us for our Gallery Walk of the projects following judging on February 22.